Compiling and Running Connectal Project

Compiling on ConnectalBuild

The Connectal toolchain can be run on ConnectalBuild using the following Buildbot web interface:


Before submitting a project, you must sign in using your github credentials. We do not store credentials, but pass them througth to github. Next, enter a name for the project, which will be used for subsequent build requests through the Buildbot web interface. The project must be in a publicly accessible git-hub repository, whose Repo location is entered beginning with git:// as follows git:// If the project makefile is not in the root directory of the repository, enter its relative path in the ‘Path’ field of the form. If a particular branch or revision number are desired, enter these as well. Check the button to select the build target. If you have selected a zynq-based platform and would like the tool-chain to automatically program the device and execute the design as its final step, then enter the IP address of your board. This works only because adb doesn’t require authentication. SSH keys required to run on PCIe-based platforms are not currently supported. Finally, don’t forget to click ‘Add’. If the project name has already been used, you will be prompted to enter a new one at this point.

Compiling Locally

Before compiling a project locally, you will need to install the toolchain. After setting the CONNECTALDIR to the root of the connectal source tree, enter the command make

Running the Design

When preparing a zedboard:

  • Following the directions in the zynq-boot git repo, create an Android boot SD card files.

  • Write the SD card files into the first partition of an SD card (FAT format).

  • Verify that the boot mode jumpers on the board are JP8/9/10 (MIO3/4/5) == 110 for booting from SD card.

  • Verify that the PS_MIO0 pull-down jumper on the board JP6 is shorted.

  • Connect a USB cable to the ‘UART’ connector. Use the ‘connectable’ program from the connectable git repo to display linux console output.

  • Connect an ethernet cable (linux uses DHCP to get an IP address during boot).

When preparing a PCIe board:

  • Attach a USB cable to the JTAG port