4. Invocation of topgen.pyΒΆ

usage: topgen [-h] [--project-dir PROJECT_DIR] [--filename FILENAME] [--topname TOPNAME] [--ifcnames IFCNAMES] [--pintype PINTYPE] [--interface INTERFACE]
              [--portalclock PORTALCLOCK] [--importfiles IMPORTFILES] [--portname PORTNAME] [--wrapper WRAPPER] [--proxy PROXY] [--memread MEMREAD] [--memwrite MEMWRITE]
              [--cnoc] [--integratedIndication]
--project-dir project directory
 name of generated file
 name of generated module
 name of interface names enum type and file
--pintype=[] Type of pins interface
--interface=[] exported interface declaration
--portalclock Portal clock source
 added imports
--portname=[] added portal names to enum list
--wrapper=[] exported wrapper interfaces
--proxy=[] exported proxy interfaces
--memread=[] memory read interfaces
--memwrite=[] memory read interfaces
--cnoc=False generate mkCnocTop
 indication pipes instantiated in user module